Lightstreamer, the first product Weswit created, is the most advanced solution for real-time bi-directional data delivery over the Web.

Originated in 2000 as the first concrete attempt to make the Web a real-time experience, Lightstreamer has been evolving and improving for all these years, while anticipating and adopting new paradigms and standards, such as Comet and WebSockets.

Lightstreamer is now a widespread solution, from small size startups to Fortune 500 corporations, in all the cases where there is a need to push live data to any mobile/desktop browsers and applications.

Weswit is a software boutique that handcrafts high quality products. Weswit's software designers have maniacal care for details, resulting in enthusiastic customers all around the world. International top tier banks, aerospace and military companies, as well as media and entertainment enterprises have been using Weswit's products for many years now, with outstanding results.

Real-Time Web Technology


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